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Tree + Shrub Pruning

Addition by Subtraction is Natural

Trees and shrubs are often some of the greatest investments in a landscape and need proper care to achieve best health. As each specie has different needs, there is a lot to consider when pruning them. By carefully removing specific parts of the plant or tree, growth can be stimulated and disease can be reduced. Our services include pruning of perennial plants, landscaping shrubs, and trees up to 15 feet tall.

But how do you know your trees and shrubs need to be pruned?

  • Damaged branches should be removed
  • Diseased branches should be removed
  • Dead branches should be removed
  • Overcrowded branches should be thinned.
  • Overly large shrubs or ornamental trees may need to be reduced.
  • Poorly shaped shrub or tree can be be reshaped
  • Fruit tree isn't producing much fruit 
  • Tree or shrub was planted too close to a building or other tree

Our on-staff ISA Certified Arborist has years of experience evaluating and diagnosing tree and shrub issues. We look forward to serving you!

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Tree and Shrub Pruning
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