For years, homeowners in New Hampshire have battled the inconsistencies of New England weather in order to build and maintain a beautiful landscape surrounding their home. 

It’s no secret that living in New England means that we are subject to getting hit with the brunt of all seasons. Between blistering cold winters, rainy springs,  hot, humid summers and a cool, crisp fall, we see a full scope of conditions in our backyard throughout the year!

Oftentimes, such as this year,  these long winters can drag into March and even sprinkle in a snowstorm or two into the mix. This can lead to a logistical nightmare for even experienced homeowners when planning out their  lawn care routine for the year. Those of us in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Maine or frankly anywhere in Northern New England are left wondering ‘When is the best time to plant grass seed?

Although you can lay down your grass seed in either the Spring or the Fall, most lawn care specialists would agree that the right before fall begins poses a sweet spot for seed development. That short window of time from Mid-August through Mid-September will be your best time to plant grass seed. Your soil will be in an overall very healthy condition from the rainfall of the spring, followed by the warm humidity that summer brings. After these season’s your lawn will be prepped to build what’s called a ‘strong base’ 

The transition out of summer into fall brings a combination of warm days and cool nights, which will help aid your seed development. It won’t be too sunny and burn any grass that you try to develop, nor will it be too cold to stunt its growth. Rather, it will get conditions somewhere in the middle. Doing this around mid-august to mid-september will allow enough time for your lawn to establish itself throughout the fall. This way it can survive the winter and fully blossom this time, next year!

North Atlantic Landscape has built a reputation for quality work and transparent values in the site work, snow management and trucking sectors. Our approach to landscaping is exactly the same. Invest in the best equipment, hire the best personnel, develop the best management plan and do what we said we would do. NAL provides commercial and residential landscaping services throughout the Seacoast Region of New Hampshire, York County in Maine, and Essex County in Massachusetts. Request your free landscape assessment today!

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