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Whether you need to rehab a neglected lawn or want to be proactive about having the perfect one, we have an array of services designed to help you achieve your goals.


Grass needs healthy soil with good airflow to circulate nutrients. Aerating the lawn is the process of putting many small holes into the soil that break up the roots. this will help strengthen the roots by giving them room to breath and grow, allow for more efficient water usage, and improve head absorption. How do you know if you need aeration? If you have soil that is dense with clay, or an old lawn that has become compacted, aerating will help a great deal. Aeration should be done right before the active growing season so the roots and new growth can immediately fill up the holes.


Thatch is a natural build-up of grass stems and roots between the top of the soil and the bottom of the grass blades. Around 1/2" of thatch is beneficial as it insulates against extreme temperatures and assists with maintaining positive moisture levels. When the thatch becomes too great, it can encourage pest issues, reduce the access of air and water to the roots. De-thatching is simply the process of removing the built-up layer of organic material to provide better conditions for the grass plant. Here is a brief overview of how lawn de-thatching works.


After a lawn has been property aerated and de-thatched, the next step to full beautiful grass is overseeding. This is simply the process of broadcasting grass seed evenly on top of the existing grass. Because it has been aerated and de-thatched, the seed can be delivered down into the soil media where it is given the best chance to sprout and grow. As a blade of grass lives for 45 to 60 days on average, and young shoots produce more vibrant growth than older leaves, it is beneficial to ensure that much of your grass is young. We will work with you to ensure the correct types and species of seeds are being used that will benefit the lawn as a whole.


Great soil will yield a great lawn. But do you need to fertilize? The answer depends on the type and health of your soil, and your expectations. Some lawns can achieve a brilliant green with only the help of aeration, de-thatching, overseeding and proper mowing, while some lawns require additional nutrients to be added. We can help you make this decision starting with the science behind the scenes - a soil test. This will help determine the pH level of your soil as well as the key deficiencies that need to be addressed. 

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