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COVID-19 Response

To Our Heros

Our team is greatly concerned about the risk that COVID-19 presents, and the damage that has already been done by this virus. We have deep and heartfelt appreciation for those in our community and worldwide who give us their efforts each day and risk their own well being - the health care workers, delivery drivers, grocery store workers and everyone on the front lines - we are grateful for your dedication and indebted to your resilience. It is with your generous care that we are able to retain any sense of normalcy and hope.

To Our Customers

We are taking every precaution available to ensure the safety of our customers and we will continue to provide outdoor services as long as we are able to maintain safety standards. Our staff members are instructed to stay ten feet from any person on the grounds where we are working. They are trained in a sanitizing regiment that involves all items of contact such as tools and steering wheels. We have reduced the number of workers in each vehicle to one. For site visits where we need to communicate with a customer, we will call upon arrival and offer to speak on the phone while we look at the job or aspect of the property that needs to be assessed or estimated. If you are comfortable, our staff member will meet you outside and conduct the meeting from no closer than six feet. Please understand that we will be bypassing some traditional measures of greeting and respect such as handshaking. We accept all major credit cards for payment to avoid any contact with physical objects if you prefer that method. We thank you for your business and we are grateful to be able to continue offering good jobs to our staff members, while it is safe to do so. Please let us know if you have any concerns about this matter by calling our front desk at (603) 205-7777.